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I’ll Feel Better If I Practice…Later

It’s such a funny paradox.  Most people plan to practice when they have a big speech or presentation coming up. They know from past experience that they will feel more prepared, less worried, and more confident if they practice. They notice a strange flutter of butterflies when someone asks them how their preparation is coming, …

Put Something on the Walls

A client of mine, a recently appointed CEO, hasn’t totally moved into his office. He’s very busy, of course, and office decor isn’t at the top of his list of priorities, understandably.  I can tell that he hasn’t totally moved into his office because the part of it that I can see during our video …

That Dirty Little Secret

I’ve noticed an interesting tendency among many of the high-achieving, smart people I coach. When they’re telling me what they would like to get out of our coaching relationship, they drop their volume, avert their eyes, and confess, “Sometimes I get really nervous when I have to speak in public. I know it’s stupid, but—“ …

When You Know How It’s Done (or, How to Give Me Directions)

Have you ever asked someone for directions to a location they know well, and it goes like this: “Well, once you get on the highway and you go about five minutes, you’ll see an exit to…” I don’t know about you, but for me, these directions start way too late. I need to know how …

Are You the Line Cook or the Chef?

I’ve been a fan of the reality cooking show “Top Chef” for a long time. I just happened to hear the head judge, Tom Colicchio, being interviewed on a podcast, and he was fascinating. One question he was asked was, “What separates a good home cook from a chef?” As I expected, Colicchio had great …

Now. I. Am. A. Presenting. Robot.

I’ve seen it a thousand times.  The person who was just sitting with me, talking excitedly and passionately about their work, stands up to present, and suddenly they turn into a different person. They go into “presentation mode.” It’s like the change in altitude from sitting to standing flips a switch in their brain, and …

Oh, Now I See. It’s Hot and Dark in Here.

Recently I was out of town on business for a whole week. I was staying in a hotel, and before long I felt like I knew the place inside and out. On the fourth day of my stay, I got up early and went in search of coffee. The elevator door opened, and three things …

Bad Advice.

People give a ton of bad public speaking advice. I’m sure it’s well-intentioned, but it’s counter-productive. Here is some of my favorite bad advice: Practice in a mirror Clasp your hands behind your back When you walk around it keeps the audience interested Look over their heads if you’re too nervous to make eye contact Be confident/Don’t …


I first wrote the post below in 2019. I still agree with it, and I thought I’d bring it back for another go. The theme of the post is freedom–mostly, how we respond to the way other people assert their freedoms. It feels particularly relevant to me after the last few weeks in this country, …

Don’t Make That Back-Up Plan

I love a Plan B, and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. But sometimes Plan B is a way of copping out, of giving ourselves a way to not do the hard work. And here’s the truth about a Plan B—if you know it’s there, you’re going to use it.  Using notes for a speech are the …

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