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You Don’t Have to Be a “10” at Public Speaking

Everybody doesn’t need to be equally good at everything. For some tasks and skills, having a basic competence is sufficient—let’s call that a 6. For other skills, where we really make our money and show our value, we need to be a 10. I don’t need to be good at accounting because i have a …

Notes? Or Music?

When you go to a concert, do you want to hear the individual notes, or do you want to hear the music? When we come to your speech, we don’t care about the words, we want to hear your ideas.

Good News and Bad News

We have historically unprecedented access to technology that allows us to shoot videos, make movies, and record podcasts. The structures that used to allow only a tiny number of people to share their creations can be easily bypassed now. Anyone can make a movie on their phone and upload it to YouTube. Anyone can record …

How Many Tabs Do You Have Open?

In many of my client sessions over the last couple of weeks, a theme has emerged. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t get anything done. Everything is top priority. There’s not enough time to actually work. I am so stressed out. The analogy that came up for me is a person working at a computer. She opens …

Tell Me How to Work with You

Over the last two years I have been thinking and reading a lot about communication strategies, particularly on remote teams and when starting new working relationships. My big takeaways so far are not going to surprise anyone: we need to be intentional about how we set up our communication strategies, we assume way too much …

What Should You Do If You Get Teary During Your Talk?

I was leading a group in some coaching recently, and each participant was telling a brief story about how they embody their values at work. Unexpectedly, one woman got choked up. It clearly surprised her, and she apologized before moving on. She wasn’t sobbing, and the emotion did not derail her presentation. After she was …

More Isn’t Always Better

I’m a reader. My house is full of books, and I trace chapters of my life through what I was reading at the time. In high school and college, you could count on me to always do the assigned reading, not because I was a nerd (though I was), but because I enjoyed it.  But …

Let’s All Slow Down Just a Bit

I don’t know about you, but 2022 has gotten off to a very busy, maybe a little overwhelming start. My typical response to having a ton do to is not, as my desktop photo would remind me, to “slow down since there is so much to do,” but instead to try to speed up to …

Just Ask.

I’ve been seeing a specific kind of strained communication more and more lately. See if this rings a bell for you: Two or more people are having a discussion that needs to lead to an outcome: a decision, an understanding, a set of actions. Somewhere in the back and forth, at least two people stop …

From the Archives: Just Start.

A good friend and I have been saying this to each other lately—“just start.”  There are a ton of quotable quotes with this idea at their core: The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. (Lao Tzu) The secret of getting ahead is getting started. (Twain) The way to get started is …

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