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The Moment Before

There’s a moment that comes right before you say something. A moment when you’re drawing in breath to speak, when you can alter the course of what’s coming next. In that moment, where are you? What are you thinking about? Are you two steps down the road of the discussion you’re having, trying to win …

Kindness, Attention, Respect

I went to a routine medical appointment yesterday. The woman who was taking care of me said, “Thank you for being so pleasant! That’s been in short supply here today.” Her comment surprised me (I think I’m an average amount of “pleasant,” as a person), and I asked what had happened. Without getting into details, …

Do You Want Me Here, or Just My Money?

Recently I spent the day at an amusement park not too far from where I live. When we arrived, fifteen minutes after the gates opened, there was a long line to get in, even for people who had bought their tickets ahead of time. We spent quite a while in the line, and throughout our …

When Your Default Intention Becomes Your Personality

We all have times when our default intention takes charge.  Something happens, and that default intention kicks in. We need to defend ourselves, to prove we’re right, to prevent failure, to let them know they’re wrong, to hide, to make waves, to be heard…the list goes on. But what happens when the fear-based, default reaction …

What Do We Choose to Remember?

The most basic definition of a memorial is that it’s something that exists to remind us of a person or an event. Many of us have personal memorials—objects or photos or books or even places that we keep in our lives in order to help us think about people or times past.  These are some …

Coaching Is for You

One of the fundamental principles of coaching is that you can only coach who’s in the room. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time talking about the boss, the spouse, the colleague: we can only coach the client. Inevitably, clients do talk about other people during sessions, and understanding …

Authenticity and Intention

I’ve had several conversations lately that revolve around the idea of being authentic in conversation. One person said, “Sometimes in a conversation I just feel unfinished, like it’s not honest if I don’t say what’s on my mind, even if we’ve been talking about the topic for a while.” Another person compared what it feels …

What Happens When Your Deliberate Intention Isn’t Enough

I write a lot in this space about creating connection through deliberate intention. Deliberate intention comes from answering these questions: What outcome do I want out of this conversation? How do I want to make this person feel? What do I hope they’ll do? What change am I trying to create? Deliberate intention is an …

What’s Going Wrong?

You know how sometimes you’ll see a play or a movie, and one actor’s performance stands out, and not in a good way? Afterwards you might say, “She seemed like she was in a different play than everyone else.” What’s going on when that happens? When one actor isn’t meshing with the production, they don’t …

A Plea to Educators

My son is in high school, and recently he shared that a student in one of his classes gave a lengthy presentation using slides crammed with text, reading each bullet point aloud. “How am I supposed to learn?” he asked later. “I can’t process this information this way.” I’m not blaming the student. I’m sure …

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