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“Intention” Doesn’t Mean “Agenda”

We’re inundated daily by tons of information and data, and it can feel like our most important job is to pass along our own content and information to others. I notice this frequently when I ask a client what their intention is for the meeting they are preparing to lead. I’ll say, “Think about the …

Best Case/Worst Case

When we’re anticipating something that’s going to happen, we tell ourselves a story about what we think may occur. I’m expecting it to be the most glorious day ever I’m sure I’m going to have a terrible time I’m afraid that when I give this presentation it will go horribly and I will be mortified …

Intention and Attention

I write a lot about intention in this space. I realized recently that another way to think about intention is attention. Where am I placing my attention? Is my attention on myself or on the audience? Am I concerned about my own experience or theirs? When my default intention is “to get this over with” or …

I Hate Being Blindsided in a Meeting!

It’s one thing to prepare for a speech or a presentation. The environment is controlled, and there are only so many variables we have to consider. But what about when we’re in a meeting or a discussion, and something unexpected happens? Our idea is shot down, our expertise is questioned, or our leadership is challenged? …

“…To Make You Feel Special”

Recently I was chatting with a friend about intention (that’s just how I roll). She shared that she had spoken recently with a man whose job as an interviewer means he’s always talking to new people. His goal with each interview is “to make the other person feel special.” I just love this! What if …

The Myth of Multitasking

The myth of multitasking is that we can do more than one thing at a time. In fact, when you’re “multitasking,” you’re rapidly switching back and forth between tasks. Similar to the principle in physics that two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time, we can’t focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. And …

“I Just Want to Tell You That I Can Be an Oversharer…”

Long-time friend and blog reader Josh got in touch last week, looking for some advice. He told me: I have an interview for a position that would be really…prestigious.  I’m wondering if you have any tips for avoiding my biggest interview bugaboo – “oversharing.” Ah! This is pretty common, especially with more extroverted folks. The adrenaline of the interview …

The Real Job of the Car Salesman

If I asked you what a car salesman’s job is, you might say, “Well, it’s to sell cars.” Yes, for sure. But if they go into work every day with the default intention ”I’ve gotta get people to buy cars,” I bet they’re not very successful. If “to make the sale” is the salesperson’s intention, …

My Book Is…Chinese Pants?

Lately I’ve been indulging in the favorite pastime of a recently-published author—I’m checking out how the book is doing on various online platforms. When I hopped over to the UK version of Amazon, everything looked fine…at first. The eBook version of the book was there and available, just as I hoped. But when I clicked …

How Your Familiar Systems Are Tripping You Up

As my daughter Nora and I were making our way to Scotland to get her set up at school, we noticed something. On the US side of the trip, we were pros. We had all our paperwork in order, we rocked the security line like the seasoned travelers we are, and we definitely patted ourselves …

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