Don’t Look Rushed

This one’s a re-post: enjoy!

Even if you’re late to the meeting, don’t look rushed.

Even if the speaker before you cut into your time by ten minutes, don’t look rushed.

Even if you overcommitted and have two other places to be, don’t look rushed.

Looking rushed is a default intention. It’s an effort we’re making to make sure other people know that we’re busy, or that that other guy talked too long, or that we can’t linger here, so don’t ask questions. 

What could we do instead? Instead of talking fast, checking the time, and having our mind in the future, we need to slow down. That’s right: when you’re rushed, slow down. Take a moment to smile, to make eye contact, to genuinely connect with those around you. 

Get clear about what you’re doing here, in this moment, right now. Create a deliberate intention to use this time wisely—and that includes not speeding through it.

Right now is all we’ve got, so lean into it.

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