Ignite your power to communicate.

We coach people to make a fundamental shift in the way they understand their own power to communicate.

We help people feel seen and heard so that they can do their best work.

About Us

Ignite CSP gives you the tools to be effective in every type of interpersonal communication, whether it’s an important conversation, meeting, interview, or presentation. We are particularly skilled at seeing when a client is sending mixed messages in their communication, and we can diagnose and fix what’s going on so that words, voice, and body language are all saying the same thing.

This coaching is transformative. Clients acquire understanding of their communication superpowers and saboteurs, they gain confidence in their skills, and they are equipped to be intentional, prepared, and nimble, no matter the situation.

The people you’ll work with at Ignite CSP are leadership coaches who have deep expertise in professional theatre and film. We recruit and train actors and directors as Ignite CSP coaches because theatre artists are immersed in how human communication works. In order for a play or movie to be compelling to the audience, it must be believable. And in order to be believable, the actors and directors must know how to create authentic communication. We bring this unique perspective and experience to every one of our clients and workshops.

Ignite CSP coaches have been seen on “Law & Order,” (okay, all the “Law & Order”s!), “Strangers with Candy,” “Swift Justice,” “New York Undercover,” many regional and national commercials, and at theatres across the country and internationally. We hold degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill, Rutgers MFA program, Fielding Graduate University, UT-Knoxville, University of South Florida, Brooklyn College, UC-Irvine, and NYU. In our ranks are leadership coaches certified by the International Coach Federation as well as members of the union for actors and stage managers, Actors Equity Association.

Most important, our coaches are committed to helping each client show up positively, authentically, and confidently.

Our Approach

Ignite CSP’s approach to communication skills coaching is straightforward. Why are you speaking? How are you coming across to listeners? What can you do to be more clear? This three-part process is the foundation of all of our workshops and individual coaching.

First, the why. We call this “intention.” Understanding exactly why you’re speaking, and what change you are hoping to create, is crucial in building your communication skills.

Second, the how. Your voice and body language are either supporting or undermining your intention. We work with you on aligning your behavior with your message so every part of your communication is congruent. 

Finally, the what. It’s important to practice these new habits and behaviors. Practicing isn’t complicated, but we share methods that help you reach your goals.

That’s it. Intention, alignment, and practice, all with a coach who is in your corner and on your team.

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If you don’t see a coaching package that is just right for you, or you have other questions, please get in touch! Schedule a call, and we’ll figure out exactly how we can help you reach your goals.

Meet Our Coaches

Angie Flynn-McIver

Angie Flynn-McIver is the founder and President of Ignite CSP: Coaching, Speaking, Presenting.  Angie calls Ignite’s coaching approach being ”detectives of human behavior.” Our coaches combine the coaching toolkit of deep listening, discerning questions, and active support with specific expertise in helping people uncover their most effective and clear communication. Angie’s coaching sweet spot is…

Nathan Crocker

Nathan Crocker is a professional actor, teacher, and coach. Nathan brings his expertise in leadership coaching as well as voice and speech to his work as a communication skills coach for Ignite CSP. Nathan’s clients include the American Shakespeare Center’s Shakespeare in Leadership program, where he coached leaders to become comfortable and confident speakers, bringing…

Anne Thibault Geen

In addition to her role as a consultant and facilitator for Ignite CSP, Anne Thibault Geen is also a tenured professor of theatre at Eastern Illinois University. She was previously on the faculty at Columbus State University in Georgia, where she ran a nationally recognized arts program for at-risk and incarcerated youth, Empowered Youth of Columbus.  She…

Geovonday Jones

Geovonday Jones is an actor, director, and coach. He directs theater and opera, and as of the fall of 2021 he is an Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Most recently, as an actor, he was a costar on Law & Order: Organized Crime. Previously, he taught on the faculty at The People’s Improv…

Connan Morrissey

Connan Morrissey is a veteran theatre actress, director, and teacher whose talent is coaching senior level leaders one-on-one, giving them focused and effective communication skills that can be used in any business situation. Connan develops confidence and clarity by using simple and proven acting methods that are used by theatre professionals. As an actress, Connan…

Neela Muñoz

Neela Muñoz is a senior coach and facilitator with Ignite CSP. Her coaching practice has brought her to global firms and local nonprofits, and her warmth, curiosity, and commitment motivate and inform all of her work. Neela’s unique theatre training, coupled with her passion for coaching and developing clients, allow her to creatively communicate the…

Vivian Smith

Vivian is an experienced communication and presentation skills coach. She has facilitated workshops and trainings for a wide range of clients, organizations, and industries. Vivian is committed to helping professionals at every level show up effectively, authentically, and powerfully in their high stakes communications, as well as their overall executive presence.  Her background as a…

Now Available

“Before You Say Anything…”

Having a hard time getting your voice heard in meetings?

Does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide under the table?

Do you dread difficult conversations or feeling put on the spot?

Learn the secret to unlocking confident and effective communication, whether you’re talking to one person or one thousand!

We’ve been in the media

Guest Speaker – Smith Education

Running a virtual meeting? Angie Flynn-McIver, Smith alum and president of communication skills coaching company Ignite CSP, provides excellent tips on how to make your virtual meetings successful!   Go to Smith Education’s…

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