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Ignite CSP helps you understand your power to communicate

Ignite CSP helps you make a fundamental shift in the way you understand your own power to communicate.

We help you feel seen and heard, so that you can do your best work.

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One-on-one coaching that is going to bring your communication skills to the next level

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Improve your public speaking, storytelling, or virtual communication skills with structured, short courses.

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Real, long-term solutions to elevate your organization’s communication skills.

Ignite your power to communicate.

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  • If you could learn a physical skill by reading about it…
    If you could learn a physical skill by reading about it, you would already know how to do it. This seems obvious, right? We all know we can’t just read an article about how to fly a plane and then go be a commercial (or even private) pilot. No, we have to log a lot … Read more
  • How Can I Handle Competing Intentions?
    I got to spend some time last week with a wonderful team of people doing incredibly cool work. We were talking about my favorite topic: intentional communication! This team has chosen to really engage with the idea of intention, and to work it into their culture. In fact, they begin meetings by asking what intentions … Read more
  • A Celebration of Uniqueness!
    I want to take this space today to celebrate Ignite CSP senior coach Neela Munoz—it’s her birthday! In honor of this special day, I’m sharing a video Neela created to help our clients stop underselling one of their most unique attributes–their names! Happy birthday, Neela! We love you!
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“Before You Say Anything…”

Having a hard time getting your voice heard in meetings?

Does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide under the table?

Do you dread difficult conversations or feeling put on the spot?

Learn the secret to unlocking confident and effective communication, whether you’re talking to one person or one thousand!

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