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Ignite your power to communicate.

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From the Blog

  • You Have to Talk so They Can Hear You.
    “You have to talk so they can hear you.” A client said this recently. She wasn’t referring to volume, although that’s true, too.  She meant that we all have to think about how to shape and craft our message so we have the best chance of being heard. Who are you talking to? What do they … Read more
  • How Do You Show Up?
    Our bodies and voices are the vectors for our thoughts and messages. When we talk to other people in person, we use our bodies to do it. And generally, we know exactly what to do without really thinking about it—we angle ourselves toward someone we’re interested in talking to, we make eye contact, we modulate … Read more
  • Showing Your Work
    When we were in math class, we were asked to “show our work.” How did you arrive at this answer? What’s the thinking that led you to this conclusion? If a student shows their work, the teacher can see their process and help them get back on track if that’s necessary. As leaders, we’re often … Read more
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Do you dread difficult conversations or feeling put on the spot?

Learn the secret to unlocking confident and effective communication, whether you’re talking to one person or one thousand!

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