The Urge to Prove That You Were Right All Along

I’m rethinking what this blog might be. I love writing for you, and I’m curious about what you find interesting and useful. Today’s post is an old one, but I am venturing back into writing new posts (as Monday’s of this week was.) If you have ideas about what you’d like to see in this space, please drop me an email!

The impulse to prove our rightness always backfires.

If your intention is “to show I was right,” what will the outcome be? How will the person you’ve “proven” this to feel as a result? Are they likely to say, “Oh, gosh, yes, I am amazed by your rightness and will never make the mistake of doubting you again”?

I think we know the answer.

If you want to say (or type!) something only to prove yourself right and someone else wrong, try choosing silence instead.

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