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“The Way You Listen to Me is Not My Fault”

“The way you listen to me is not my fault.”  This gem comes to you courtesy of my husband, Charlie. We were chatting recently as we both got ready for the day, and as sometimes happens, my mouth got way ahead of my ears. I had asked him several questions, then barreled on, not really …


A few months ago when I was facilitating a workshop, a woman in the group came up with a great term I hadn’t heard before. Micro-boundaries. We had been discussing the importance of having boundaries in our work life, of being able to assert things like how many hours we work in a week, or …

Care and Feeding of Your Creative Contributors

Simon Sinek, speaker and author, says: An excessive drive for order interrupts the beautiful chaos needed for creativity to thrive. This quote gets at the heart of a specific dynamic I have been noticing and wrestling with lately. In any organization, you need the “order” people and the “creativity” people. (Let me acknowledge right here …

The Cost of Being “Right”

I really like to be right. Anyone who knows me can probably attest to that. This particular characteristic comes from several places: the top two contributors are genetics (hi Mom!), and fear.  Yeah, fear. I try to do all the research, see all the signs, and then weigh in because then I’m less likely to …

You’re (Still) Not Special

I’ve written about this topic before, but I’ve been thinking about it lately in a new way.  My kids can tell you the three things I hope I have really instilled in them as their mother, three lessons that will serve them throughout their lives. Here they are: 1) Never get a haircut you can’t …

The Authenticity Trap

I have a thoughtful, interesting client who wants to show up with more authenticity in his interactions at work. His boss says she also wants him to communicate with more of his “authentic self.” It seems rational that only the person doing the communicating can really determine either yes, this is the real me, or …

Are You the Line Cook or the Chef?

I’ve been a fan of the reality cooking show “Top Chef” for a long time. I just happened to hear the head judge, Tom Colicchio, being interviewed on a podcast, and he was fascinating. One question he was asked was, “What separates a good home cook from a chef?” As I expected, Colicchio had great …


I first wrote the post below in 2019. I still agree with it, and I thought I’d bring it back for another go. The theme of the post is freedom–mostly, how we respond to the way other people assert their freedoms. It feels particularly relevant to me after the last few weeks in this country, …

Every Bird is Not a Finch

I have recently become fascinated with the birds in our backyard. I hung a little feeder, pulled out some bird books I got from my dad, our family birder, and started identifying the regular visitors. The first bird I confidently recognized was a small brown bird, a finch. I was pretty sure that’s what it …

Merit Badges for Grown-Ups

When kids are little, we want them to try a lot of things. “How will you know what you like unless you try it?” We say this about foods, clothes, places, and people.  In fact, some activities are engineered toward sampling lots of different things, for example in the Scouts programs. You are encouraged to …

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