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How Big Is Your Pan?

When I was in college, I took a lot of sociology classes. In one, I remember the professor sharing the (possibly apocryphal) story of a woman and her daughter who come to her mother’s house for dinner.  All three generations are cooking together, preparing a pot roast for the meal. The youngest watches her mother …

“It’s Easier Not To”

Last fall, I went to a play. This was the first time since March of 2020 (or maybe a little earlier) that I’d been to a live play in a theatre—very exciting! Before the lights dimmed and the actors took their places, the artistic director of the company gave a short curtain speech. As is …

Out of Office

This blog post will generate lots of responses. They will almost all be automated emails from subscribers that let me know the recipient is out of the office for some time over the holiday season.  When I first entered the workforce, there was email, but there were few cellphones, no smartphones, and you didn’t assume …


Every year about this time, I realize I’m not really in the market for presents any more. I’m fortunate enough to be able to purchase all the stuff I need and lot of what I want, so I’m not turning to a wish list to fill out those items. What I long for more and …

What Do You Need to Break in Order to Begin?

A few years ago, the theater that my husband Charlie and I founded, NC Stage Company, needed a facelift. Our lobby wasn’t really working for us, audiences entered the theatre down a long narrow hallway, and things were just looking a little dingy. The staff made a plan. Paint chips! New furniture! We can have …

Do What Makes You Happy

I don’t know about you, but everybody I talk to lately is a little burned out, a little stressed, a little out of sorts.  Maybe it’s the lingering effects of Covid and the uncertainty and stress that brings with it. Maybe it’s a tough time of year. Maybe we’re all going through some subterranean slow …

Are You Fine, Really?

We all know the ritual: two people see each other for the first time that day, or that week, or that month, and one says to the other: “How are you?” The other responds: “Fine, how are you?” The first person says, “I’m fine,” and everyone moves on. Recently I had this expectation upended. I …

What Do You Do Best?

At any given moment, we can read about/sign up for a course/commit to working at whatever we think is going to make us “better.” Want to get fitter? Read more? Write that novel? Start your own side hustle? Meditate daily? The world is ready to point out how you can improve. I’m curious about what …

Suspending Certainty

Real dialogue is where two or more people become willing to suspend their certainty in each other’s presence. (David Bohm) What does this quote make you think or feel?  When I think about “suspending certainty,” I feel a little uneasy. Certainty feels great! I can look around and find other people who share my certainty—that’s …

To Have Presence…

To have presence, be present. Be truly present with the experience, with the people, with however you’re feeling about it. Instead of trying to remember what you practiced, connect with the people in the audience.Instead of loading your slides with information, invite questions.Instead of rushing to prove your point, demonstrate curiosity. Presence is demanding. It’s …

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