Even the Weeds Bring Hummingbirds

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There’s a huge stand of jewelweed right outside my office window. I googled “jewelweed” to make sure that’s what it is, and the headline of the first article I found was this: “How to Grow and Care for Jewelweed.” This made me laugh, because we have never planned to have this particular plant anywhere, yet it is thriving all over our yard. No special care needed.

Earlier today, I was doing some turn-of-the-season yard work and thought, “You know, I should probably pull up all that jewelweed; it’s not really supposed to be here.” But I’m a pretty lazy gardener, so I didn’t. This afternoon, before I sat down to do a few things at my desk, I opened my window to let in some of the late summer birdsong, bees buzzing, and breeze.

A few minutes later, I glanced over to check out the bees in the jewelweed, and there was a ruby-throated hummingbird, dipping its long beak into the bright orange flowers. We haven’t been able to have any of our bird feeders out this summer (because of bears) so I’ve missed my avian friends. And here was one of my favorites, right outside the window!

The hummingbird doesn’t care that I didn’t intend for the jewelweed to be there. Those orange flowers had just what it needed.

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