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What Goes Through Your Mind When You’re Preparing to Present?

What goes through your mind when you know you’re going to present to a roomful of people? I like to think about it as the lifecycle of your mindset. Does one of these look like you?                 Dread it >>>Survive it>>>Feel relieved that it’s overFeel neutral>>>Execute it>>>Move on to the next thing  Anticipate …


Last month I was working with a new client, an accomplished woman who has done a lot of public speaking. She is new in her role at her organization, and she wants to make sure she is compelling and engaging, as well as knowledgable. I introduced her to the idea of deliberate intention: making the …

Intention + Action

I write a lot (and think, and coach) about deliberate, productive intention. What is the outcome we seek from our communication, and what can we do on purpose to help bring that outcome about? It’s not enough to think about intention. We have to figure out how to activate it. After all, we understand other …

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