Small Group Online Courses

Online learning is booming! Everyone from higher education to corporations is rolling out online training and classes. At Ignite CSP, we are excited to work with clients all over the world in our online courses.

Public Speaking Catalyst

In this small group coaching experience, the Public Speaking Catalyst, you will build awareness of your public speaking saboteurs, skills, and style. You’ll receive tailored assignments from an expert leadership coach who specializes in communication skills. You’ll practice and get feedback, and your coaches and peer cohort will support you all the way.

What you can expect from an Ignite CSP online course:

  • An experienced coach who will guide you
  • A small cohort of peers (maximum 1:8 ratio of coaches to students)
  • An interactive learning experience–not just passive webinar watching
  • Individual feedback on your work
  • A safe place to experiment and learn

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If you don’t see a coaching package that is just right for you, or you have other questions, please get in touch! Schedule a call, and we’ll figure out exactly how we can help you reach your goals.

3 Steps to Being a More
Effective Communicator 

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Lead more efficient meetings?


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