Are you ready to love public speaking?

You are great at what you do, and you’re excited to keep growing in your career.

The next big opportunity is right around the corner, and you can’t wait. Except…

You’re going to have to do more speaking and presenting once you get there.

And you want to be great at it.

Do You…

Fear public speaking and avoid situations that might require it, even when they would be good opportunities?

Put off practicing a presentation until the last minute, then do an “okay” job, knowing you’re capable of more?

Watch other people give relaxed, confident presentations and wonder, “How do they do that?”

Want to know how to engage listeners in virtual meetings and events?

Feel you’d love have a coach who will help you overcome your fears and become a confident and compelling speaker?

I was expecting this coaching to take more of a one-size-fits-all approach and was pleasantly surprised that our coaches got to know us as individuals and developed our strengths in different ways. I learned how to slow down, especially at the end of a thought, in order to “land” it. Neela’s coaching empowered me to speak not just about facts but also to communicate the way I feel.

partner in a Big Four accounting firm


Imagine yourself after the Public Speaking Catalyst has ended. You have a different approach to public speaking. You know how to prepare for any speech or presentation, and you know you’ll do a great job.

You are confident when you present–virtually and in person. You have a new mindset about public speaking, and you can’t wait to try it out.

You look forward to, even seek out, opportunities to speak and present. You know that your new communication skills will help you influence and lead.

Now is the time to invest in speaking coaching that really works. Not a one-size-fits-all passive online course. Not a half-day workshop with tips and tricks that don’t translate to your real-world needs.

You need an individualized and systematic approach that ensures you are confident and prepared for virtual and in-person public speaking.

You need a coaching experience that integrates new knowledge into your life, letting you experiment, adjust, get feedback, and practice.

You need a Catalyst.

In this small group coaching experience, the Public Speaking Catalyst, you will build awareness of your public speaking saboteurs, skills, and style. You’ll receive tailored assignments from an expert leadership coach who specializes in communication skills. You’ll practice and get feedback, and your coaches and peer cohort will support you all the way.

Virtual meetings and conferences are here to stay. Our skills must continue to adapt so we can create effective communication in any situation. Even experienced speakers need to practice in order to master virtual engagement.

When you finish the Public Speaking Catalyst, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to say “yes” to any speaking or presenting opportunity.

Anyone can become a really good public speaker.

Yes, anyone.

Let us show you how.

In Ignite CSP’s 5-week Public Speaking Catalyst, you will:

  • Identify the “why” of your message
  • Learn to use your voice and body language to support your message
  • Understand how presenting virtually is different than in-person, and what you need to do to adjust
  • Elevate your effectiveness and confidence when you speak, both virtually and in-person
  • Learn a straightforward process to use whenever you are preparing a speech
  • Get coaching on when and how to practice
  • Gain insight into your communication strengths and saboteurs
  • Achieve tangible results that improve your confidence, influence, and presence

What you have to say is important and valuable.

Let’s get your voice out there.

It’s time to join The Public Speaking Catalyst.

The high value of having Angie as a coach was a delight. It’s not just about having an idea, it’s about thinking it through, planning, and executing. Having a clear intent and goal is a very important first step. The vision and goal really set the framework for the structure. An important outcome was having Angie ask the right questions about structure and flow. Her feedback on our practice was invaluable and also helped us relax and have fun. She kept our feet to the ground with deliverables and timelines as we worked through the coaching sessions.

leadership consultant and podcast host

Do you feel like everyone else is probably just naturally good at speaking, and they don’t even have to prepare?

Great news–you aren’t alone! Our coaches have worked with hundreds of professionals with concerns just like yours. We will use our expertise to help you get to the next level.

You don’t have to wing it! You will have the skills you need to present to the board of directors, pitch to investors, give important speeches, and excel at every public speaking opportunity.

My biggest insights from this coaching were the concept of intent and the clarification and concision of messaging. I have more self-awareness, clarity of thought and speaking, reduced nervousness, increased interest in presenting, and increased ability to mentor. I was surprised by how effective this coaching was. I really connected with Angie. I recommend her to everyone!

VP at a data analysis company

Transform your communication through

The Public Speaking Catalyst

With Ignite CSP’s straightforward, three-part approach, you will learn to create intentional connection and communication with your audience.

Five Weeks of coaching and support

This cohort will begin the week of November 1 and last through December 10, 2021, skipping the week of the US Thanksgiving.

Live training calls

We’ll have weekly calls via Zoom, and all of them will be recorded for you. You will have access to the recordings and all other course materials for one year after the conclusion of the course.

Individual coaching to fit your needs

Your Catalyst experience will be tailored to meet your real-world goals. You’ll submit recordings to your coaches for feedback and coaching–always focusing on your strengths first! Your coach will give you targeted exercises to expand your skills. After the Catalyst is concluded, you’ll have a one-on-one coaching session to use at your discretion.

Peer support in a curated small group experience

A group messaging app just for your cohort will be active for questions and support throughout the Catalyst.

Real time feedback

The limited size of our cohort allows your coaches to give everyone specific and tailored feedback on their public speaking and presentation skills.

Time commitment

To reach your public speaking goals, you should plan to spend approximately 2.5 hours per week on the calls, assignments, and interacting with your coach and cohort.

Tell me the details…

Each cohort has a 1:6 ratio of coach to students. This masterclass provides more than twenty hours of content and coaching in a supportive, collegial atmosphere. You will see tangible results in your public speaking and presentation skills, and more important, a deep understanding and transformation of your communication habits and patterns.

Ignite CSP’s coaches are warm and supportive. We understand that our clients may be nervous about this work, and many people have gotten tough feedback about public speaking in the past. We’re here to help you build on what’s working and play to your strengths. Our clients report feeling surprised and grateful that we made this work fun and easy.

The Public Speaking Catalyst is a chance to get one-on-one coaching at group rates. The Public Speaking Catalyst provides live instructional calls, individual coaching and feedback, peer collaboration and connection, and in-depth content with one year of additional access to all material.

You could choose a free online course: they offer no personal instruction or guidance.

You could choose one-on-one coaching: that will cost upwards of $4,500.

The Public Speaking Catalyst costs only $1177 per person.

One of my insights from this coaching was that listeners are different from readers. I present differently because I now know how to construct stories for listeners instead of readers.

I have gained self-awareness, clarity and confidence.

Everything about this coaching surprised and delighted me but especially the part about becoming more mindful about speaking to listeners.

Thank you for the new way of listening!

Tania, environmental educator

Vivian helped me develop and transform my message into a way that was interesting. It was cool to see it all come together.

As a result of this coaching, I have more self-awareness and clarity, reduced nervousness, and more motivation.

I know how to practice public speaking and communication skills. I learned about intentional storytelling!


Enroll in the Public Speaking Catalyst

for only $1177!

Enrollment for the fall 2021 cohort ends October 22, 2021.

We love working with teams! When your team enrolls as a group, it supports and reinforces what they learn both during and after the Public Speaking Catalyst. If you want to enroll a group or team, or to learn more, please contact Angie Flynn-McIver at [email protected].

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