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Season 1, Episode 9 – The magic of performance with Angie Flynn-McIver

Our guest for episode 9 is angie flynn-mciver! angie is a coach whose area of specialty is communication skills. her work centers on helping clients create intentional and effective communication. her 2021 book, before you say anything, describes a new and innovative approach to connecting, creating results, and feeling confident about how you communicate. angie’s company, ignite csp: coaching/speaking/presenting, coaches leaders to be more effective and intentional by focusing on how they communicate their vision and message. the company works all over over the united states and internationally. angie comes to her coaching work from a lifetime spent in theater as a director and producer. she began her career as an intern at an award-winning off-broadway theatre and then became the education director at the national shakespeare company. nc stage company, which she co-founded in 2001 in asheville, north carolina, in the united states, has won many local, regional, and national awards. she lives in asheville, with her husband, two teenagers, and two dogs. you can find her online at and on instagram @ignitecsp, and purchase her new book here.

Podcast: Watch Pitch – Season 5, Episode # 54

This conversation with Angie was so helpful !

Love how intention is at the core of our connecting with ease, and clarity no matter who the audience is.

Angie’s Consulting Company, is full of talent and coaches who can help you and your team members deliver successful presentations and pitches with ease.

Podcast: Movers Mindset

Although she is officially an ‘expert’ in communication, Angie Flynn-McIver simply considers herself constantly fascinated by it. Angie Flynn-McIver discusses intention; What it is, coaching it, and practicing it. She shares her own stories of intention, coaching, and travel, and gives advice on finding your guiding stars. Angie unpacks her thoughts on the power of storytelling and how to use your intention to chart your course.

Get your goat – A podcast about change

Episode 19: Angie Flynn-McIver: Learn to listen to what your body is telling you.

Before Angie moved into leadership coaching, she spent a lifetime in theatre: acting, directing and producing. 

But her childhood dream brought with it some challenges.  She loved the theatre, but not everything about running a business.  After a very close call with her small son, Angie decided she needed to make some changes. 

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