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Fitting It in Around the Edges

I have coached a lot of people who are preparing for big presentations: to get promotions, interview for jobs, or speak in front of high-stakes audiences. Recently, for the first time, a client asked me: “When you’ve coached people before who have been successful at this, what is the common thread? Is there something they …

The Wise World of Sports

“If you do it in practice, you’ll do it in a game.” I don’t know who said this originally, but it’s a piece of sports wisdom that jumps right off the page at me. When I came across it recently, the person saying it meant that if you do it right in practice, you’ll do …

How to Know If You Need More Practice

If you haven’t thought: That’s not how I want to say that This part will work better in a different place I need to pause That phrase worked better on paper than when I said it out loud Let me try this again Then you haven’t practiced enough. 

Good Public Speaking Isn’t Magic

There seems to be an inherent insecurity around being able to accomplish good public speaking consistently. Even people who are skilled speakers worry about “losing the magic” or not being “in the zone.” I get it—I’ve definitely had experiences when it feels like a talk I’m giving reaches a place it hasn’t gone before, when …

All Feedback Is Subjective

All feedback is subjective. (Not the kind of feedback that makes a loud whine when your microphone is too close to the speaker. That’s objectively happening.) No, I’m talking about the kind of feedback other people give us about something we’ve done, are doing, or are working on. It’s part of our professional lives, but …

Showing Your Work

When we were in math class, we were asked to “show our work.” How did you arrive at this answer? What’s the thinking that led you to this conclusion? If a student shows their work, the teacher can see their process and help them get back on track if that’s necessary. As leaders, we’re often …

Don’t Put Your Words First

I had a great conversation with a client recently. She is a pastor, so she’s in the unusual position of getting to speak in front of others often. We were discussing how she can hone her preparation style to best create the experience she hopes to for the congregation.  She explained to me that she …

The Doing is the Practice.

The doing is the practice. When we’re coaching, we teach clients the best ways to practice for a presentation or a speech. But the real truth is—every day is a chance to practice.  Every conversation is a chance to practice intention. How am I hoping to affect the person I’m talking to? Am I being …

What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen?

It’s human nature to hope for the best. Let’s not think about the worst-case scenario—that’s scary! But what if you’re prepping for a big interview, a pitch, or a difficult conversation? It makes sense to envision the last possible thing you want to happen, and prepare a response. What’s the question you are hoping they …

I’ll Feel Better If I Practice…Later

It’s such a funny paradox.  Most people plan to practice when they have a big speech or presentation coming up. They know from past experience that they will feel more prepared, less worried, and more confident if they practice. They notice a strange flutter of butterflies when someone asks them how their preparation is coming, …

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