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Don’t Make That Back-Up Plan

I love a Plan B, and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. But sometimes Plan B is a way of copping out, of giving ourselves a way to not do the hard work. And here’s the truth about a Plan B—if you know it’s there, you’re going to use it.  Using notes for a speech are the …

Failure and Practice

The moments of recognition of failure are the practice. Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and teacher of meditation, shared that thought. It resonates with me because even though Harris was talking about meditation, he could be referring to any skill we hope to acquire. When your mind is wandering during meditation, you don’t know that your …

Being Good at It Is More Fun

It’s more fun to already be good at it, whatever it is.  Riding a bike, playing the guitar, sound editing…we want to be able to do it like we’ve seen others do it, effortlessly, gracefully, efficiently.  But getting there is hard work, most of it behind the scenes. And that hard work isn’t always fun. …

Which Communication Matters? (This is a trick question.)

Recently I asked a client to list for me all the ways he communicates at work.  Here is what he said: “I update the CEO, I have recorded some videos and a podcast…sometimes I send emails…” What’s missing? Any mention of the regular, mundane interactions we all have with our colleagues on a daily basis. …

The Sixth Step of Practice

Last week, I shared six steps to create a presentation that you will know without having to memorize. If you missed it, here’s a recap: 1) Jot down the basic outline of your presentation on index cards, one per idea or topic. 2) Compose your speech out loud. Don’t write it down first. As you …

Let’s Talk a Little Bit About Rehearsal

You know those actors you really love? The ones who make you cry. Who inhabit their characters so completely it’s hard for you to believe they’re real people. Who make you laugh with recognition and delight. The actors you seek out because they bring insight and thoughtfulness and humanity to whatever play, movie, or show …

It’s Hard Work to Make It Seem Effortless

Ballet dancers seem to float, to soar, to magically propel themselves. The grace and fluidity of their movement captures our imaginations and tells us a riveting story.  We leave the theatre in awe of their talent, their gift. We’re not necessarily thinking about how hard they worked to create that two-hour experience for us, the …

How Do You Practice When You Can’t Practice?

It’s college basketball season, aka the Most wonderful Time of the Year. And last week, I was listening to an interview with a player on my favorite team (go Heels!) Puff Johnson is a sophomore, and as of the time of the interview, he had just begun playing again after being plagued with injuries that …

What to Do When It All Falls Apart

I was watching a college basketball game the other night, and the team I was rooting for played well for 38 out of 40 minutes. Then in the last 2 minutes, everything they had been doing right seemed to abandon them. They made wild passes, took bad shots, and generally fell apart. When it came …

The Doing is the Practice.

The doing is the practice. When we’re coaching, we teach clients the best ways to practice for a presentation or a speech. But the real truth is—every day is a chance to practice.  Every conversation is a chance to practice intention. How am I hoping to affect the person I’m talking to? Am I being …

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