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One meaning of to incorporate is to make physical, to embody. When we learn something in our brain, we have to figure out a way to bring it into our understanding, our embodied knowledge. For example, you can watch YouTube videos for days about the perfect golf swing, but until you start to incorporate the information, …

Projectors Are LOUD

Quick tip: If you’re speaking in a meeting, facilitating, or presenting in the same room with a projector, remember that projectors are loud. Projectors have built-in fans, and those create white noise. We acclimate to the white noise, and then we don’t quite realize that we need to project over the projector. Make it easy …

Popping Pronouns

In theatre, we talk about the cardinal sin of “popping pronouns.” This is when an actor emphasizes a pronoun  instead of a verb, noun, or adjective.  To illustrate this idea, I’ll borrow one of my favorite lines from “The Negotiator,” starring Samuel L. Jackson. He plays a police negotiator whose partner has been murdered, and …

What Clothes Are You Wearing?

Last week, I had the singular pleasure of watching a keynote speaker I had coached absolutely nail the speech she was giving. She was wearing a fabulous fuchsia suit, which she loved and wore brilliantly. Her speaking style was clear, appealing, funny, and enthusiastic. Her clothes and her speaking style were uniquely her. Different occasions …

That One Habit That Gets in Your Way

I was thinking recently about a time I was directing a play, and one of the actors was very hard to hear. The role was a curt, brusque military man—a person who makes his presence felt wherever he goes. Clearly, a person like that needs to be heard! For several days, I mentioned in rehearsal …

Good Gestures…and the Other Kind

Ignite CSP senior coach Vivian Smith shares a few tips about what to do with your hands–

Your Voice Gives You Away

Clients often ask us why we don’t want them to memorize a presentation. “Isn’t that the best way to make sure I remember everything?”  Aside from the fact that remembering every word you planned isn’t the most important aspect of your presentation, the problem with memorizing is that your voice doesn’t sound the same as …

When It Matters to Show Your Work

When is it important to show your work? I’m watching the 2022 CrossFit Games as I write this. This is a massive, multi-day athletic competition that tests athletes’ skill, strength, and endurance over five days. It culminates in crowning one male and one female winner.  Each athlete has a judge who is in lockstep with …

The Pitfalls of Feeling Comfortable

I’ve been reading and working through a revolutionary book. It’s not Karl Marx or Brene Brown or the latest by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s “Become a Supple Leopard,” by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Starrett is a physical therapist and trainer, and he started out as an athlete himself, paddling for the US canoeing and kayaking teams. …

Put Something on the Walls

A client of mine, a recently appointed CEO, hasn’t totally moved into his office. He’s very busy, of course, and office decor isn’t at the top of his list of priorities, understandably.  I can tell that he hasn’t totally moved into his office because the part of it that I can see during our video …

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