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A Few Words About Introverts and Extroverts

“Introvert” and “extrovert” are words we love to throw around to describe ourselves and other people. But as with so many personality traits, using these terms as a general catch-all can do a real disservice to both types of folks and everyone in between. As I discuss in the video below, introversion and extroversion refer …

The Problem with Getting Feedback on Your Presentation

If you knew you needed to improve your public speaking, how would you start? Lots of people answer: “I would go and get feedback from people who have seen me present.” Okay, great. But what kind of feedback are you going to ask for? Before you answer, let me beg you, don’t say this: “The next …

How Does It Feel?

A weak handshake “Um, so…” Slumped shoulders Confusing presentation structure A data dump of bullet points Rambling answers Text-heavy slides Or… A firm handshake Clear eye contact Posture that takes up space A clear message Energy that invites your audience in Stories that connect to the listener Images that convey ideas and emotions Which would …

Why It Matters That We Can’t Hear You

I have coached lots and lots of people who speak softly.  They all have insightful points to share, and thoughtful ideas to contribute. But every time they speak half of the group misses what they’re saying because they simply aren’t speaking loudly enough. I have written often in this space about how audiences need to …

Taking Up (Your) Space

When you’re in a meeting or presenting in front of a group, how much space are you taking up? This may seem like a strange question, but here’s why I’m asking. Some people take up as little space as possible. They shrink into themselves, crossing or even twining their arms and legs to be smaller, …

What Signals Are You Sending?

Recently I was driving on a very familiar road near my house. As I rounded a curve, I saw a sign indicating that traffic was going to go down to one lane. Okey doke. I’ve done this before; I know what to expect.  After another few hundred yards, I saw the telltale cones narrowing the …

How We Hide, and How to Show Up

Being in front of people can be scary. It makes us feel vulnerable and exposed. And what “being in front of people” means varies from one person to the next. For some folks, the sentence “Let’s just go around the room and quickly introduce ourselves” is the scariest form of being in front of people. …

Why Am I Losing My Voice on Virtual Calls?

A client shared recently that she had gotten a very dry throat and a cough while giving a virtual presentation. After asking a few questions and consulting with Ignite CSP coach Nathan Crocker, here’s what I think was going on. My client was presenting to a large group she didn’t know, and she described the …

The Real Reason You Should Slow Down and Pause

There is a trend in recent years toward more informal, conversational presentations. For the most part, I like it. Knowing that you, as the speaker, can create an atmosphere that feels more like a dialogue with the audience helps people show up confidently and soothes nerves.  But too often, speakers take this informality a step …

Fakery and Facebookery

This short video fascinated the Ignite CSP team last week. Mark Zuckerberg sat down with another employee to hype…some video games, I think.  Their conversation is something most viewers can immediately identify as “not authentic.”  It’s scripted and highly choreographed, and the entire premise of the dialogue is dubious. What is their relationship? Why are …

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