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My Top Five (okay wait, six) Books of 2021

I have always been a big reader. Keeping a list of what I’ve read has always been a fun way to look back on the year. My reading tastes have shifted somewhat. Since 2020, I’ve found myself devouring mystery series, the more British the better, one after the next. But thanks to the two book …

Giving a Great Pitch, plus a Sneak Peek…

Last week I got to spend some time with Trey Scott, the founder of WatchPitch. His work brings entrepreneurs with great ideas together with investors, so he’s kind of a matchmaker. Trey invited me to come and speak with him about my book, Before You Say Anything: How to Have Better Conversations, Love Public Speaking, …

10 Seconds to Better Communication?

This article in Inc. suggests that, when you come to a sticky point in a business conversation, you pause for ten seconds before you respond. The author’s strategy here is a cool one, I think. The pause allows you time to shift from your default intention into something that is more likely to support your …

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