I’ll Feel Better If I Practice…Later

It’s such a funny paradox. 

Most people plan to practice when they have a big speech or presentation coming up. They know from past experience that they will feel more prepared, less worried, and more confident if they practice. They notice a strange flutter of butterflies when someone asks them how their preparation is coming, and they respond, “Yeah, I’m a little nervous. I need to practice.”

The day grows closer and they think, “I’m really nervous. I should get to practicing.”

One or two days before, the speaker is sitting down to revise the slides again, and somehow, this isn’t making her feel more at ease. The butterflies flap on, unabated.

What would happen if, instead of planning to practice her talk, she just did it? if she stood up, started a timer, and began her remarks? This is what practicing is—not getting around to it, or thinking about it.

Practice early and often. You’ll feel better…sooner.

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