Put Something on the Walls

A client of mine, a recently appointed CEO, hasn’t totally moved into his office. He’s very busy, of course, and office decor isn’t at the top of his list of priorities, understandably. 

I can tell that he hasn’t totally moved into his office because the part of it that I can see during our video sessions has had a pile of framed art in the corner for three months. I teased him about it: “So, when are you going to get that stuff up on the walls?”

Sheepishly, he told me that wasn’t even his art. The office’s former inhabitant had left it behind.

I asked, how does your office make you feel? 

He responded, “I don’t pay a lot of attention, but I have been meaning to get something on the walls. I never seem to get around to it.” When I asked what he would love to have on the walls, his face brightened. He described several pieces that were meaningful to him, and concluded, “It would make me happy every day to have them in here.”

We went on to talk about how the unfinished state of his office might appear, even subconsciously, to the people who work with him. He is a new leader in a new era, and he doesn’t want them to worry that he may not be totally dedicated to this position at this organization. His office should reflect his commitment to the company, and by extension, to them. He agreed that spending a little time to make sure his environment reflects his leadership would be time well-spent.

What does your environment say about you? Does it align with your dedication, your intention, and your message?

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