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Managing Your Second Monitor

If you’re like many people, you’ve got a work set-up on your desk that rivals a space shuttle launch. Laptops, keyboards, trackpads, second and third screens all vie for space and for your attention. Quick tip: if your videoconference opens on a screen other than the one where your camera is, you need to move …

A Short Play About A Hybrid Event

Scene: A video conference screen. This is a meeting of the interdepartmental committee that is planning the long-standing annual industry conference. For the last two years, the conference was held virtually, to declining registration and attendance. Committee Chair: “Let’s have the next conference in person! I think it’s time, and we can’t afford to lose more participation.” Another Committee …

Autumn is a New Beginning; or,Three Things I Should Have Been Doing Already

I’ve been writing, thinking, and leading workshops about virtual communication for almost two years. In that time, I have been remarkably hit-or-miss in instituting some of my ideas with my own team. My explanations for this include some that our clients use: our team has worked together for a long time, we’re friends, we have …

What’s Different When We’re There in Person?

I attended a funeral last week. The woman who passed away was a family friend, someone important to me. The funeral was held in the city where I grew up, about two and half hours away. The funeral was held in person as well as streamed on the church’s Facebook page. I had two choices: …

Hybrid Events (or, The Worst of Both Worlds)

One of my clients was recently asked to put together several events for her organization’s executive team. “We’ll have people in person!” they said. “Oh, and we’ll stream it!” they said. “It’ll be a hybrid. People can attend however they like!” In theory, this seems like a win-win. Anyone who would like to attend in …

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