Which Communication Matters? (This is a trick question.)

Recently I asked a client to list for me all the ways he communicates at work.  Here is what he said: “I update the CEO, I have recorded some videos and a podcast…sometimes I send emails…”

What’s missing? Any mention of the regular, mundane interactions we all have with our colleagues on a daily basis.

An impromptu check-in on that project? Touching base on how the new person is settling in? Logistics for who’s handling what on next week’s client presentation? That’s all communication.

What I thought was most interesting about this omission is that it reveals a certain bias: the only communication worth mentioning to your communication coach is one-way transmission. Updates, videos, podcasts, emails—that all falls into the category of “I’m sending out a formal message.”

But we forge our communication habits, and our relationships, through our frequent dialogue. How do we communicate when we’re under pressure? When we’re intimidated? When we’re distracted? When we have to give someone bad news?

All of these kinds of communication matter, especially when you’re working to make change in your habits. 

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