Suspending Certainty

Real dialogue is where two or more people become willing to suspend their certainty in each other’s presence. (David Bohm)

What does this quote make you think or feel? 

When I think about “suspending certainty,” I feel a little uneasy. Certainty feels great! I can look around and find other people who share my certainty—that’s even better! Now I’m not just certain, I’m “right.” And by extension, those who disagree, or even question, must be wrong.

But what lies in between right and wrong? What is possible in the shared space of uncertainty? What happens when we trade our “I know”s and “of course”s for “I’m not sure”s and “tell me more”s?

Ultimately, we may not change any minds, ours or others. But we might connect, find common ground, and forge relationship. And in that connection, we can create change.

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