Your Outside Affects Your Inside

You know that I like to think about communication as starting from the mental (intention) and moving to the physical (alignment). But it’s also true that changing your body can affect how you feel! (We’re complicated creatures.)

When you’re nervous, what do you do? Many people focus on why they’re nervous, maybe going over the anxiety in their minds. Instead, try focusing on how it feels in your body. Nervousness can make us “implode” physically: the chest caves in, shoulders slump forward, chin down, arms across the middle, brow furrowed. We’re trying to protect ourselves from whatever’s bothering us.

To fix this, move your body into what we think of as a “confident” posture. Roll your shoulders back. Lift your chin. Drop your arms by your side. And even if it’s really tough, smile.

This posture starts to send signals to your brain and nervous system that “everything’s okay.” And then, gradually, you may actually start to feel better!

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