You Can’t Recapture the Magic

Sometimes you’re in rehearsal, and everything just clicks. The jokes land, the heartstrings are tugged, people are inspired, and you reach a new height of achievement. That rehearsal makes you feel like a freakin’ genius!

Here’s the pitfall of that experience, though. It feels so good that you (understandably) want to chase that feeling, so you try to replicate exactly what you did and said. When that happens, you’re going into a part of your brain that is remembering and copying, rather than creating in the moment. The result is a pale and preoccupied imitation that always disappoints.

Instead of trying to do what you did before, work to re-create the circumstances that allowed to you be so present and plugged in. Get into the mindset that set you free to connect the dots in a new way. Drop into the productive intention that let you focus on the audience rather than yourself. Feel what’s crucial about what you’re saying.

Then, let the expectations go. As long as you’re trying to recapture the magic of the last time, you’ll fail. 

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