Why I Smile First

When I’m meeting with a coaching client, I usually use my own Zoom platform, and I have the waiting room function enabled. 

When their name pops up at the top of the window, letting me know they’ve arrived, I smile. I smile as I click the button to let them in, before they can see me. 

I smile much as I would if I had heard my doorbell and was walking through my home to greet a friend waiting on my front porch. 

The smile is a tiny ritual that marks the beginning of my time with the client. It helps me change gears from whatever else I might have been doing, to become fully present. I smile to welcome the client, to let them know I’m glad for this time together.

I’m curious: what do you do to switch gears? Do you have a habit or a ritual that tells you “it’s go time”?


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