What Do You Need to Break in Order to Begin?

A few years ago, the theater that my husband Charlie and I founded, NC Stage Company, needed a facelift. Our lobby wasn’t really working for us, audiences entered the theatre down a long narrow hallway, and things were just looking a little dingy.

The staff made a plan. Paint chips! New furniture! We can have a new layout, with better accessibility and big new doors! That all sounded great. Now all we had to do was…do it.

We knew that as soon as we started the process there would be dust everywhere, and the disruption of renovation, and sometimes these things take a lot longer than you think they will. And we have meetings in here! And this is where the coffeemaker is! It’s pretty much fine, right?

We got a little paralyzed.

Then Charlie put his safety goggles on, grabbed the sledgehammer, and knocked a hole in the wall. 

That was a huge gift. Once we began, we had to go forward.

Sometimes we need to make it impossible to go back to the status quo, for own our good. Do you have a wall that needs a hole? What can you break in order to begin?

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