What Do You Do Best?

At any given moment, we can read about/sign up for a course/commit to working at whatever we think is going to make us “better.” Want to get fitter? Read more? Write that novel? Start your own side hustle? Meditate daily? The world is ready to point out how you can improve.

I’m curious about what you’re already doing really well. 

In your environment, how do you learn about what’re great at? Are there people who talk to you about your strengths? Do you get positive reflections from your friends and family about what you bring to their lives? Do you take time to reflect on your wins and “hey, I did that!” experiences?

When we focus relentlessly on what we need to improve, we waste time. It’s inefficient to ignore our strengths! And often, we have to learn again and again that we are better at something than we thought we were.

It’s great to look at how you can be an even better you. But it’s also nice to spend a time noticing what unique gifts you bring that other people would miss.

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