The Moment Before

There’s a moment that comes right before you say something. A moment when you’re drawing in breath to speak, when you can alter the course of what’s coming next. In that moment, where are you? What are you thinking about?

Are you two steps down the road of the discussion you’re having, trying to win an argument? Are you marshaling the evidence to prove that you’re right? Are you conceding a point that you really believe in? Are you apologizing before you’ve even asked for what you need?

In this moment before, what do you want to happen next? That breath, that moment of impulse can serve as a perfect time to check in on your intention. 

What can you create if you take just that moment and decide on a deliberate path forward? What happens if you steer away from your default intention and choose something else?

The moment before is an opportunity for all of us. What can you do with it?

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