The Doing is the Practice.

The doing is the practice.

When we’re coaching, we teach clients the best ways to practice for a presentation or a speech. But the real truth is—every day is a chance to practice. 

Every conversation is a chance to practice intention. How am I hoping to affect the person I’m talking to? Am I being honest with myself about my intention? If I know my default intention is to defend, or to prove I’m right, how can I shift that to a deliberate and productive intention that is more likely to have a good outcome?

Every conversation is a chance to practice alignment.  Am I giving this person my full attention, turning all three sets of “eyes” (face, shoulders, hips), towards them? Am I working to get rid of words and phrases that diminish me and my ideas (“I think,” “just,” “kind of”?) Am I aware of my vocal speed and cadence?

Every conversation is a chance to practice practice. Remind yourself that every time you communicate is a chance to practice, and a chance to develop awareness This is practice at its best. Low-stakes, incremental practice will surprise you with its results—by the time you get to the big speech or presentation, you will have done most of the hard work.

Be Quiet.

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