What’s natural?

I’ve been reading and working through a revolutionary book. It’s not Karl Marx or Tim Ferriss or the latest by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s “Become a Supple Leopard,” by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Starrett is a physical therapist and trainer, and he started out as an athlete himself, paddling for the US canoeing and kayaking teams. …


We all know that weddings are big business. What they also are is a fascinating place to learn about other people. In the last couple of decades, wedding planning has begun taking an a la carte approach. The couple notices what they’ve experienced at other weddings, they incorporate some parts and leave others out. Many …

Here’s one super important thing about practicing a presentation

Do. Not. Memorize It. I’m serious. My colleague Neela describes the phenomenon of watching someone deliver a speech from rote memory as being like they are reading it from a ticker tape right in front of their eyes—they aren’t connecting with the audience because their brain space and focus are all taken up with remembering …

What should I do with my hands?

There is only one person who cares what you do with your hands when you are making a presentation. You. And you shouldn’t care, either. Here’s the thing—if you are connecting with the audience, they don’t care. If you have carefully considered what you want them to get from your presentation, it doesn’t matter what …

What will happen if I slow down?

Did you ever have one of those days? A lot to do, a lot that I’m excited about, and it’s all making me move a little too fast. I can’t even type without tripping over my fingers. What if, and stay with me here, the power of our great work is in slowing down? What …

Little stories everywhere, part two

I was in a tiny, rural diner yesterday. Next to my table were a man and woman, maybe in their 60s. The table was at right angles to mine, so I could see the woman’s face, and hear her clearly. Here is what she said: I am so lonely. You travel so much, and I …

The voice that matters most

When you have to do something you don’t want to do, how do you talk to yourself about it? “I guess I’ll get it over with.” “This isn’t fair.” “I’ll probably screw this up.” “There are a million reasons I shouldn’t have to do this.” “What am I going to get out of this?” “I’m …

A quick way to relax, reset, and energize!

Has your coffee worn off? Are you feeling anxious or out of sorts? The spine roll, demonstrated in this video, is a surefire way to reset your energy. Ignite CSP coaches Neela Muñoz and Vivian Smith will talk you through it! (You might want to try this in a place where people aren’t walking by …

Intention is everywhere

Once we start noticing intention, we see it everywhere, in everything. We relax into the glorious intentional care of a restaurant that notices all the details, and we get irritated at the default intention of the furnace-repair company that doesn’t follow through on its promise to let you know when they are on their way. …

What is it for?

I see a lot of presentations. Between clients, and the boards I serve on, and general life, there are just a lot of presentations out there in the world. The question I am most often left with is this: what is it for? I was recently asked to speak at a conference, and the event …

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