Puppies and practice.

So…practice. You may have noticed that some things are easier to plan to practice than to actually, you know, practice. “I’ve blocked out time on my calendar every day this week to practice my speech!” Easy. “I practiced my presentation every day this week!” Hard. About five weeks ago my family got a puppy—a real, …

Planned spontaneity.

What? Isn’t that an oxymoron? How can you plan your spontaneity?   Good communicators are prepared. They know how they want to affect their audience, and they create something especially for them.   As audience members, we know immediately when someone hasn’t prepared for us, right? Unprepared speakers ramble, they go off on tangents, and …

Some things are supposed to be difficult.

I’m participating in a one-month online course right now, one with mandatory meetings, quick turn-around in-depth assignments, and three to five hours per day of offline work. I applied for it so I could learn new ways of thinking, develop relationships, and most of all, really push the limits of what I think I’m capable …

a few thoughts on eye contact

  In this short video, I’m going to debunk a couple of myths about making eye contact in presentations, and also tell you what we recommend instead!    

Don’t try to get it right.

Why isn’t “to get it right” a good intention? Isn’t it important to get it right? When we’re thinking about needing to get it right, we’re thinking about ourselves. We’re holding onto achievement and getting an A, rather than being willing to be vulnerable, attempt genuine connection, and risk failure. One way to think about …

The last rep

When do you default to your old habits? I’m thinking about this today as I recommit to budgeting, and meal planning, and generally being more intentional. All the tools I need to be good at this stuff are literally at my fingertips—apps, information, lots of ways to monitor and measure. But the driver of all …

Resting ??? Face

Our faces are our billboards to the world. They are telling the people around us how we’re feeling, whether it’s okay to approach us, what kind of person we are. What is your face doing when you’re not keeping an eye on it?

“I hate to practice.”

I know. I do, too. But you know what I hate more? Feeling unprepared. Forgetting what I wanted to say. The clammy feel of my palms sweating as I realize I’m not sure I checked my slides after the last time I used them to make sure they’re updated with this client’s info. I practice …

What’s natural?

I’ve been reading and working through a revolutionary book. It’s not Karl Marx or Tim Ferriss or the latest by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s “Become a Supple Leopard,” by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Starrett is a physical therapist and trainer, and he started out as an athlete himself, paddling for the US canoeing and kayaking teams. …


We all know that weddings are big business. What they also are is a fascinating place to learn about other people. In the last couple of decades, wedding planning has begun taking an a la carte approach. The couple notices what they’ve experienced at other weddings, they incorporate some parts and leave others out. Many …

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