Intention Matters…Even in an Email

My friend Rachel described a recent email she got this way: “The words were polite, but you could feel her rolling her eyes while she typed it.”

I’ve received that email. Heck, I’ve probably written that email. Rachel was laughing as she described it, but we all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a slightly snippy communication. 

Let’s look at an example sentence: 

If you take the time to check the website, you’ll see that we process the applications in the order they are received.

The intention comes through loud and clear, doesn’t it? We hear:

You didn’t even check the website before you sent me your dumb email and wasted my time.

And here’s the thing. Maybe they didn’t check the website. Maybe they don’t understand the process. Maybe it’s a hassle to respond to all the emails (I know that it is.) But what happens when we decide to take deep breath and forego the eye-rolling in favor of a kinder approach?

After all, it takes as much time to type: 

I know it can be confusing! The process is outlined on our website, linked here 

as what was shared above. 

The emailer is still going to the website, AND they don’t feel condescended to. It’s a win-win.

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