Ignite CSP in the Media–Award-Winning Podcast!

Donna Peters has many accolades, and she carries all of them lightly. Most recently her podcast, The Me-Suite, has won the Best Business Podcast Award for 2020 and 2021. 

You understand why when you listen to her insightful conversations with a wide range of guests. She asks thoughtful questions, she’s a great listener, and wow, is she prepared! Her enthusiasm is contagious.

I was honored to get to be a guest on her podcast. One of my favorote parts of our conversation was that she focuses on core values–how do they show up in your life and work? How do they help you navigate?

You can hear our conversation at the link below, or anywhere you get your podcasts. I hope you like hearing it as much as I enjoyed recording it with Donna!

Listen here!

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