Fakery and Facebookery

This short video fascinated the Ignite CSP team last week. Mark Zuckerberg sat down with another employee to hype…some video games, I think. 

Their conversation is something most viewers can immediately identify as “not authentic.”  It’s scripted and highly choreographed, and the entire premise of the dialogue is dubious. What is their relationship? Why are these two people discussing these games? It’s disingenuous at best. We know instantly that these two people aren’t having an actual conversation.

But hold on. No major corporation is going to put out a video that showcases the CEO just winging it as they announce new products. We knew before we clicked “play” that it wouldn’t be two Facebook (sorry, Meta) employees just chatting. Of course they would have rehearsed the content of the video.

So why is this video such an egregious example of fakery? And, maybe a more interesting question, is it really possible that the powers-that-be created something they didn’t mean to? What if this video is exactly what it set out to be?

What does the video accomplish? What’s their intention? Do they meet that outcome? How does it make you feel? Do you know more about the games than you did before? In short, what does the video make you think about?

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