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What to do with your hands.

There is only one person who cares what you do with your hands when you are making a presentation. You. And you shouldn’t care, either. Here’s the thing—if you are connecting with the audience, they don’t care. If you have carefully considered what you want them to get from your presentation, it doesn’t matter what …

When you’re the audience

When you’re the audience… Do you want to feel: Encouraged Motivated Seen Welcomed That your time is being valued Entertained Inspired Engaged That you’re in good hands Connected Convinced When you’re the one speaking, remember this.

Productivity Hack #1

Every time I connect to the internet or walk into a bookstore, someone wants me to read or buy or think about ways to increase my productivity and efficiency. There are planners, rituals, apps, books, and systems that will maximize every day for the optimum output. And I’ll tell you, I am a sucker for …

Calming the public speaking jitters

One of the things clients ask us about most often is how to manage nerves when they are presenting or giving a speech. It happens to us all–so how can we get our nerves under control and show up powerfully? In the video below, Ignite CSP coach Neela Muñoz guides you in a simple and …

Bad advice.

People give a ton of bad public speaking advice.    Here is some of it:   Practice in a mirror Clasp your hands behind your back When you walk around it keeps the audience interested Look over their heads if you’re too nervous to make eye contact Be confident/Don’t be nervous   The advice-givers mean …

Rock climbing and metaphors

One of the things we like to say in my family is “Everything is a metaphor for everything else.” We started saying this a couple of summers ago, when we were getting ready for a big backpacking trip to Yosemite. My husband is an avid hiker and camper, and we had planned this trip to …

There are little stories everywhere

I’ve been traveling a lot recently—a family wedding, then a couple of business trips. This has given me a lot of time in the airport, one of my favorite places to be. That may sound strange, or like I’m being sarcastic, but I mean it. On a regular day, when I’m at the airport on …

Butterflies, the nervous kind, and what to do about them

Intention is the secret sauce. Really. I’m like most other people—I get at least a little nervous when I’m speaking or presenting, especially when the situation feels like a high-stakes one. Fortunately for me, I coach people in public speaking and mindful communication for a living, so I know lots of tools to use when …

What’s communication for?

When I facilitate workshops, I sometimes kick off a session by asking this question. What is communication for? Why do we need it? Usually this question is met with total silence. I can practically hear them thinking: Is she for real? What kind of question is that? Partly I’m asking to start a conversation, and …


Today’s the day folks in the U.S. celebrate our freedom from the tyranny of English rule. July 4, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I think a lot of us are uneasy with freedoms; we like to be told what to do, how and when to do it. We want to fit in, so …

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